Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why I dislike this guy's video but love that I got to watch it and write about why I dislike it

Perhaps you've come across this video a few hundred times by now:

As the title implies, this guy claims to hate religion but love Jesus. He hates religion because, for example, it encourages blind following and self righteousness and incites violence. I'm with him on that one, though even I don't make such strong, broad generalizations as "I hate religion." But it doesn't take long to realize that this guy doesn't hate religion--he hates the way other people practice religion. This guy knows Jesus. He knows how followers of Jesus are supposed to act. His faith is not man-made like all the other religions. The fact that his concept of Jesus comes from books that are thought by some to be historically accurate despite their unverified accounts is incidental. His interpretation of these books is right; everyone else's is wrong, plain and simple.

People will always interpret things differently, but at least when ideas are backed up by reproducible evidence acquired by repeatable methods, subjected to rigorous peer review, and capable of being studied further, we can have productive debates.

[Note: religious ideas do not seem to qualify. Neither do this guy's ideas, whether or not he calls them religious.]


  1. Haha I was going to watch it but I knew it was going to piss me off.

  2. I like reading your posts Alison! Post some more!

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